For the Online Stop the Bleed class

Cost: $100 per computer as long as it is you and your family everyone can watch. (There is blood and is not PG-13).

This Class will be online based on Zoom, so you must have a Zoom account to join. They are free and very easy to set up if you don't have one.


Class will start at 6pm EDT on the date you registered for and run for approximately 4-5 hours but will probably last a little longer depending on discussion.


Class size is limited. If the date you wanted isn't on the drop down menu it is filled up.


What you will need:

Note pad



Additional Equipment:

If you have expired or the training version of the equipment below you are welcome to follow along. Otherwise if you don't it isn't a problem.

Tourniquet (CAT or SOF-T WIDE)

Hemostatic Gauze or just regular rolled gauze to practice