Show of Force is a 2-6 player competitive card game for players of all experience levels. It mixes the fun-for-everyone aspect of a party game with the strategic gameplay of a trading card game. You are at war! As commander, your goal is to destroy your enemies. There are 5 card types in your arsenal to help you achieve victory. Show of Force plays quickly by only letting players draw 1 card & play 1 card per turn. Show of Force can be played Free-for-All or as Teams, allowing for plenty of variety from a single deck of cards. Recommended Age 14+, 10-30 mins.


-About the Creator (My brother):

My name is Chris Dufresne. I am the creator of Show of Force. The game has been years in the making and I couldn't be happier with what it has become. I started with an idea, which quickly blossomed into cut out sheets of paper, to eventually a funded kickstarter campaign. Bringing the game to life is like bringing an idea to life that I can actually hold and share with everyone. It has been a wonderful experience and only the first of many.


Get in contact with me or the team at or social media Instagram @show_of_force_cg  

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Show of Force