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Learn how to employ a rifle or handgun platform safely and efficiently. in a low light enviroment. Low Light mechanics is a blended course. It is a blend between performance/practical shooting and defensive base shooting in the dark. It cover subjects like self-diagnostics, the importance of vision, and helps to push students to a higher level of performance no matter the level they are at. This class is tailored to teach you using science, data, and experience to become more efficient and consistant shooter. It will also teach and provide the knowledge that will bring students to a higher level of understanding of levels of light, uses of light and how to help others understand the science behind light and the body’s reaction to light.
(2 days, 16-hour class)


Times: Class begins at 1700 until 0100


Who can attend? Anyone who has shot previously and has safe gun handling skills.

Required equipment:
Ear and eye protection
Rifle with a sling and weapon light
3-5 mags with mag pouches
500-750 rounds of rifle ammunition

Pistol with a weapon light

Kydex style holster that keeps shape

3-5 mags with mag pouches

500 rounds of pistol ammunition
Handheld light



Personal Individual FIrst aid kit (Gear to be used on you)




Additional but not required equipment:
Knee pads

Spare Firearm

Tools for your equipment
Cleaning kit w/ oil
Rain gear and Bug spray (depending on weather)

After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.

Low Light Mechanics

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