This will be a “Train the Trainer” course that covers various aspects to using an Carbine/Rifle. Learn about and how to employ a duty rifle to help teach others.



Duty rifle setup

Optic selection and concerns

Ballistics of the duty ammo

Administrative and SOP development for rifle use (LE)

Understanding hand/eye coordination

Firearm fundamentals applied to the rifle

Understanding of diagnostics and common shooter problems


Proper rifle presentations and oreientations due to enviromental factors

Tactical and emergency reloads

Austere shooting positions

Target Transitions

Weapon transitions

Maximizing and recognizing adequate cover/concealment/deflection

Basic movements

Required Equipment:
Ear and eye protection

Rifle/Carbine with a sling

3-5 mags

1000 rounds of ammunition

1-2 mag pouches
Pistol (caliber: 9mm or larger) with a holster
3-5 mags
400 rounds of ammunition
1-2 mag pouches

Personal Individual FIrst aid kit (Gear to be used on you)


Additional but not required equipment:
Knee pads
Spare Firearms
Cleaning kit w/ oil
Rain gear and sunscreen (depending on weather)

After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.

LE/MIL Rifle Instructor