This is not a class, it is a night of drills and skills for those who have white lights and/or night vision. We will do different drills and exersizes to build up your skills under night vision and low light.


Times: 1800-Midnight local


Who can attend? Anyone who has shot previously and has safe gun handling skills and has white light and/or night vision capabilities.

Required Equipment:

Helmet Mounted Night Vision (Gen 2 or better) RENTALS LIMITED  and/or white light
Ear and eye protection
Red dot equipped Pistol (caliber: 9mm or larger) with a holster

Working Rifle with an IR laser aiming device
3-5 mags for each
500 rounds of ammunition each
1-2 mag pouches for rifle and pistol
Spare Batteries

Administrative light (Headlamp or handheld flashlight)

Personal Individual FIrst aid kit (Gear to be used on you)



Additional but not required equipment:
Knee pads
Spare Firearm
Cleaning kit w/ oil
Rain gear

After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.

Low Light / No Light Drills


Florida, USA