Learn from what night vision is and how it works to the application. This class bridges the performance and defensive worlds of shooting. You will go fast, you will get better, and you will have fun.(2 Nights, 16-18 hour class)
How night vision works
Helmet and gear setup
Zeroing laser devices
Efficient and consistent 
Reloads in the dark
Malfunctions in the dark
Cover/Shooting Positions
Target Transitions
Low light/No light shooting techniques
Performance-based Movement

Required Equipment:
Helmet Mounted Night Vision (Gen 2 or better) RENTALS LIMITED
Ear and eye protection
Duty rifle with a white light, IR aiming device (DBAL A3, PEQ, MAWL), and sling
Red dot equipped handgun (caliber: 9mm or larger) with a holster
3-5 mags for each firearm
1000-1200 rounds of ammunition Rifle
500 rounds of handgun
1-2 mag pouches
Spare Batteries
Handheld light
Personal Individual FIrst aid kit (Gear to be used on you)

Additional but not required equipment:
Knee pads
Spare Firearm
Cleaning kit w/ oil
Rain gear and/or sunscreen (depending on weather)

After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.

Night Vision Level 1