On the Move clinic is all about shooting while moving at various speeds. In this clinic, we will work on various skills that are a mixture of scientific, anatomical, and kinesthetic to help shooters accomplish one of the more complicated aspects to shooting.

(1 Day, 4 hours)


Times: Class begins at 0900 until 1300 local


Who can attend? Anyone who has shot previously and has safe gun handling skills.




Anatomy of the eyes

Human based movement

Human behavior

Your body and footwork

Performance based movement


Required Equipment:

Ear and eye protection

Pistol (caliber: 9mm or larger) with a holster


Rifle with a sling

3-5 mags 500-750 rounds of ammunition each

1-2 mag pouches


Personal Individual First aid kit (Gear to be used on you)




Additional but not required equipment:

Knee pads


Cleaning kit w/ oil

Rain gear and sunscreen (depending on weather)


After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.


On the Move Clinic