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The P.I.M.P. is another great collaboration between Flatline Fiber Co. and Kinetic Consulting. It is a minimalist medical pouch meant to carry the essentials for trauma care for an individual. The P.I.M.P can be mounted to a belt utilizing the molle panel or direct mounted utilizing the laser cut belt loops on the back. The outer shell diameter is easily adjustable to adjust the tension on the internal pouch.



Ultra-durable 1,500D Squadron Construction

Molle Panel

Direct mount Belt Loops

Shock cord adjustable top on the outer shell

One Wrap adjustable bottom on the outer shell

2" Loop front for Patches

Laser Cut Cross patch included

Shear retention on the inner pouch

Handles on inner pouch for quick retrieval

Ability to leash inner and outer shells together

Internal elastic retention for contents


Tourniquet (TQ) Holder:

Laser Cut Molle panel

4" Elastic TQ retention

Sharpie marker, Decompression Needle, or Chemlight retention



Medical Contents: (sold separately)

Gen 7 CAT Tourniquet (1)

4" Israeli Emergency Bandage (1)

Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack (1)

Compressed Gauze, Z-Folded (2)

Naso Airway w/lube - 28 Fr (1)

5.5" EMT Shears (1)

Large Pair Nitrile Gloves (1)

Sharpie Marker (1)

Practical Individual Medical Pouch (PIMP)

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