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Weaponized Geometry is single man building tactics course. Building Tactics is more than just running around a structure with a gun. In this class, we will cover the basics to building tactics, using geometry to your advantage, and the intricacies of working alone. This class will not be team based. It is solo clearance and skills that would also work in a team setting. All the shooting will be done with UTM Pistol non-lethal training munitions (Provided).


2020 After Action Report by Pew Pew Solutions:


This is a Non-lethal munition based course using UTM marking rounds (Provided). NO LIVE AMMUNITION WILL BE USED

(3 days, 24-30 hour class)


Day 1 will be concepts, techniques, and tactics with force on paper.

Day 2 we will apply skills learned on day 1 with force on force NLTA.

Day 3 we apply all the skills learned from the last 2 days in force on force scenarios.


Times: Class begins at 0800 until 1800


Who can attend?

Anyone who has safe firearm handling skills and a grasp on using a handgun.


UTM Pistol and ammo are included in the tuition for the course


Required Equipment Day 1:

Eye protection (clear lens range glasses)

Notebook and writing utencil



Required Equipment Day 2 and 3:

Eye protection (clear lens range glasses)

Notebook and writing utencil

Long sleeves

Long pants

Gloves (thin is better than thick to not inpede the cycling of the firearm)

Neck protection (Shemagh, neck protector)

Cup/Groin protection

Your perferred magazine pouch or you are welcome to use your pocket.

Glock 17 holster (if you have one)



Additional but not required equipment for both days:

Weapon mounted light (with the Universal mounting solution)


Rain gear and sunscreen (depending on weather/location)


After payment, your slot is guaranteed in class.

Weaponized Geometry

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