Not Your Grandfather’s Foam Insert

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

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In our current world climate, most of us do not want to travel without our means to protect ourselves. When traveling with a firearm most of us struggle to keep up with TSA regulations and airlines policies. Consequently, we must travel according to the illogical laws, regulations, and policies. As we skirt those lines we must also secure and protect our firearms from thieves and mishandling that is common with airport baggage. That is where purchasing a sturdy and almost baggage handler proof case comes into play. I have chosen to use Pelican cases due to the notable success I had using them in the military. Now that you have the right case you still have to support and protect your items inside the case. That is where Eaton Tactical Innovations comes in with their Gun Case Inserts. With around 15 models and more being cut all the time. Frank Eaton, the owner, is a former US Army Ranger, like me just a little before my time. He holds his company and products to a high standard which is clear once you get hands on his products. So, you can imagine my excitement to try out the inserts and future products.

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