L3Harris NGAL

An overview on L3Harris NGAL (Next Generation Aiming Laser) and some tips. Enjoy

hey what's up guys so long awaited and i know a lot of people ask me questions about it but let's talk about the l3 harris engall now the l3 harris engall is a newer style laser it's one of the newer vexil lasers that are out there it's pretty much a updated la5 in my opinion um and does a really good job at what it's supposed to do so l three went out and uh they probably were like hey man we need to make the la5 thinner faster stronger all that jazz and used the new vexel technology uh laser technology and they did right so they they did a good job at doing that and let's talk about like the differences and some of the new parts about the end goal so going from front to back let's talk about it right so on the front end we have from the shooter's perspective on the right side we have ir laser vis laser all right and then we still have it's a diffuser for the ir laser the vis laser one is just an a cover it does not give you any kind of illumination or anything like that through there going further or on the left side we have the ir illuminator the ir illuminator on this thing is awesome it it projects really well and gives you a really good clean a very clean illuminator so it's no longer a peach tree dish or petri dish or a you know what looks like bubbles or anything like that it's it's a really nice looking uh illuminator and the laser obviously is pretty good uh i've never had a trouble with any of the l3 harris or l3 in general lasers so from the pecs to the la-5s or anything like that so the diffusers are also on there with a little extra beef um which you guys can see here compared to where the pecs and stuff it was real shitty and kind of like half-assed in my opinion and what that caused was a difference or a tearing that would happen with these caps um and a lot of guys would have to go and replace them and all the shenanigans if they wanted now the the reasoning for these diffusers and like most diffusers is one to kind of protect the eye if this is left on and people are like running around in an arms room or or putting guns away in safe safes um they're not lazing themselves with ir lasers in the face so that was kind of like the the reasoning behind diffusers at first um and to protect the eyes but also diffusers act really well under night vision when you need to dim down your laser or or diffuse it a little bit so that it doesn't act as bright on the illuminator side when you put the diffuser on it actually illuminates the entire room with little speckles of light versus being an entire you know bulb that we're looking at when we uh when we use an illuminator so it's kind of cool now going further back we have obviously the little labor labels and all that jazz um but we have the fire button the fire button is centered but far forward now at first i didn't know why they did that and i thought it was kind of stupid i'm like why would you put it there i get y forward because then righties and lefties can can you know rejoice and be able to you know function the thing properly but when using the fire button um when that when older lasers or other lasers put them farther back what it does is it actually puts your hand further back on the rail meaning you're not getting as good of a grip on the rail if you're a far forward or you use a short barrel so right here i'm able to get a better grip on the rail around the rail and further forward on the rail giving us a better grip so i totally understand that now after messing with it but at first glance i was like that's stupid why'd they do that and and just like anything else you got to give it a little bit of time play around with it and sometimes i get something and i'm like i hate it and then all of a sudden i like it so uh that was one of the features i think they did a really good job of was putting it far forward that way we can activate it and use it and it didn't make sense at first but like i said now it makes a lot of sense after using one for a little bit then right behind it we have the two elevation adjustments so you have the elevation adjustment for the lasers which are slaved and you have the elevation adjustment for the illuminator that's just for the illuminator and then for the windage ones they are on the sides for the the individual sides now one thing um that l3 stuck with was keeping them separate uh which is a trend that a lot of the other lasers or the newer lasers are going away from and i understand why they're doing it for front sight posts but dudes that are getting issued end goals no longer use front sight posts and and if they're using one it's usually a flip up and the flip ups are usually either flipped down or if they keep them up cool this functions properly but it's usually offset so it's still going to cause a little bit of a bloom or or reflection of ir so just something different i thought was kind of interesting but i'm they're sticking to their same design as uh giving us a space there which kind of you're you're you're being uh a little old-fashioned there buddy um for those of you that don't know uh although there are new pecs and new la-5s that have come out over the years right new generation are not new generations but new minted ones uh though that technology that was there is still 2007 technology um here they're at least working with newer technology but they kind of i think this spot should have been eliminated in this uh in this laser setup and now l3 thought or maybe the government still wanted it so that's what they did so something else that that i wanted to point out with this laser and if you guys can see it hopefully you can make it out but the adjustments are really small so or or the adjustment sections that you can adjust with a tool the tool section is real small it's almost like a a hollow sun optic size where it's a teeny tiny flathead screwdriver and well one of the things i noticed with that kind of problem is that not everybody's going to have one or be able to use one now can you use a knife and get in there probably right most likely but it is smaller than brass it is smaller than the majority of tools out there that most you know grunts or people that are going to be using these are going to have on them especially on like a leatherman or something the screwdriver is too big on these for that so just something to pay attention to not that it's a big deal because you don't zero all the time it is important to check your zero and adjust accordingly but uh but you're not like me where i'm taking lasers on and off rifles all the time so for me this is an issue for some people this may not even be you know close to an issue so just something to point out but it is they are small adjustments now going further back and i'll try b-roll this through so you guys can kind of see it in different uh videos or atmospheres but uh the the vis lasers right so we have our dial here for our switches or switch dial and uh and obviously the set screws are pulled out those set screws the two little blue screws that go there are so that you can't go to the high power sections of the laser those they store on the side here which is really nice little storage spot out of the way most of us are going to leave them there but you know some people put them in especially when doing force on force or something like that you don't want to illuminate dudes with with high power lasers especially in the face but going about it like you guys can see the dial is very similar to our pecs um if not the exact same it's the same setup or same um adjustments minus the program mode so what we have here is the off position is horizontal down anything down is going to be or towards the shooter is going to be the viz lasers so you have oh still a red laser by the way um but you have the low low vis high vis which fyi this hive is is visible during the day so they went away from the weak red laser that they had previously and now it's a really really bright red laser which they did a good job at and i think was uh was very smart by them to make it at least super bright if you're going to keep red going up the dial or going up towards the ir system or ir lasers i'm sorry ir settings you have the aiming low right and and you guys will be able to see this in uh in the video that i'm going to try and put up you know one of these sides but uh aiming low then we have dual low right which is illuminator and laser all right and that's a nice low setting then we have an aiming high which is just a ball of fire right which is useful for distance work because you don't need the illuminator or the illuminator is not available to you or there's enough illumination like let's say a lit urban environment then we have illuminator high which is just the illuminator so if some guys are using passive shooting and they just need a little bit of illumination just like using it like a flashlight under night vision that's a setting that could be used and then lastly all the way around you have dual high so that's illuminator and laser high now all the settings are really good they work really well i would say they they kind of emulate an la5 or a full power pack tune extent um and and look really good under nods now the illuminator although really good and and you still need to size it for different things and the sizing adjustment or the the width adjustment is back here now instead of up front where it used to be on the pecs so kind of nice i think i like it better back here versus up front um but that's going to be a personal preference thing for those of you that use them and and all that jazz so not a bad spot i i personally think it's a good good position for it now going further back we have the battery compartment which it uses a cr123 and you have a plug right for the port um and then you have a little butt plug for it cool nothing crazy nothing astounding now the switch is also going to be proprietary now it doesn't mean we can't use one and the majority of people don't know but modlite already has a switch out for it so this is what it looks like now it's a little bit different than the normal crane or normal switch that we've we've been used to but it is a proprietary switch but mod light's already coming out with one i'm sure unity is going to have a hot button that does the same thing and and furthermore from there i'm sure there's others that are going to come out back here is also a nice tie-down loop for those of you that tie your lasers down still or need to because of the military it's a tie-down loop back here as well so the mounting surface or mounting system for it on the pick is pretty pretty normal general stuff flat head screwdriver nothing crazy so overall guys um i i borrowed this end gall about a little over a month ago just so that i can get some time on it play around with it use it see how it performs and then also just give it you know a true run for its money um because i did have my reserve or i was reserved about it and didn't know if i'd like it or not um now the laser in general like performance wise is really really good um i haven't found any reason to like hate it per se but it doesn't do anything in la5 personally can't do right like an la5 or a full power pack does pretty much everything this does minus it's not as clean of a illuminator and just some of the things are a little different and it's wider but it's an la-5 that's been you know put on a diet and and got a little bit of a rearrangement and where the buttons are but it is a good laser i do like it um but like i said it's not my first choice and it's something that personally i i think they kind of dropped the ball on keeping both of these uh separate so they're not all slave together and having to you know adjust them separately not the end of the world and i'm sure some people are like uh whatever i'll do it but uh but it is something that i find that is kind of like old-fashioned if you want to call it that in the laser world so i hope this helped you guys out with the end goal and understanding it a little bit um i know it's not most technical or whatever uh specifications and thingymajiggies that people like but it's my overall thoughts and an overview on the end goal nothing crazy about it it is just like i said in my opinion and uh and hopefully that is uh good enough for you guys so hope that helps take care

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