Wilcox RaidX Overview

An overview on the Wilcox RaidX how it works and my thoughts. Enjoy.

hey what's up guys so today let's talk about the radex now the wilcox radex is a laser that i was really excited about i got to play with it back in last year around december i'm sorry the year before that in december of 2019 and got to really mess around with it for a while on a helicopter inside of structures around structures it was really cool and got to put some hands on it before it was released and and really got a little bit of time playing with some of the settings and overall just seeing what it was about now let's let's talk about some of the features and we'll go from front to back uh just like we did on on the engall um and and this this specific unit is mine so it's my personal unit um and and some people like uh you know they they you know lose their minds over the fact that somebody owns something or doesn't but i want you guys to know like the end goal i was borrowing and the radex i it's actually mine so i've put a lot more time in this than i have the raid i'm sorry than the end gall but it does give you some some idea of where i'm going with this now i personally chose to buy one of these because of a lot of the features that it had also form factor is real tiny so um just so you guys see a reference it is next to a mall this is the difference it's nothing crazy nothing astounding but for those of you that are mall fans or own them all it is slightly shorter um but a little bit fatter and also you know takes up the top rail versus this being off the side but either way let's talk about the the uh radex now the red x from wilcox is kind of the their first little weapon mounted laser system uh that they came out with just to you know start getting into the game and i don't blame them they did they did a good job coming out the bat i think and what they did starting with the front was a um an in-line slaved this laser illuminator and ir laser so all three of them are slaved right in the front here which is really cool i thought that was a great idea and and putting them in line with something new and different um i thought that was pretty cool i actually really enjoy the fact that they're in line i thought that was something different and uh and and very much kind of where we're gonna lean in the future as where our lasers are gonna go now some people are like well where does my front sight go and that's cool you could put it in the back if you want if you really need one but my personal preference is i don't use them and i've barely ever used them real life so i kind of don't even keep them on rifles and the only resemblance of irons that stay on there nowadays is pretty much my unity fast mount that has irons inside of it which are really short radius so they're not the best to deal with but it is iron sights the cap that they use isn't a diffuser at all it's not meant for diffusing it's meant for just covering um i kind of like it i kind of hate it at the same time like i'd like to rip it off because it is a rubbery floppy thing but it does store really easy down the side here in this little slot so it slides in and it holds it pretty good um i haven't had it come out or anything like that while shooting so that's good but it is just a rubber kind of cappy thingy so it's not bad but it is it is something to deal with um going further back you have some adjustment buttons here um these are really cool i'll show you guys what they look like um in a little bit of a b-roll here but when when you're on one of the high power lasers or high power settings and i can demonstrate with this high power viz laser um if i have it on right and this is the high power obviously it's really bright right now but if i go ahead and i hit center button and i hit down and i hold it you'll see i can dim this thing i can also bring it back to brightness right and i can just adjust it per the environment that i'm living in at the moment so really cool feature and and i'll show you guys some and hopefully b-roll some ir version of that with the illuminator illuminated sometimes you need the laser to be brighter or dimmer or whatever and this was something that i thought was really cool really advanced in the sense of lasers getting getting further into the understanding of stuff uh and advancements in where we're going to go direction-wise with laser systems adjustable lasers like this or adjustable illuminators like this because you can adjust both of the high power ones is really really cool and very specific but also gives you a feature that a lot of lasers actually no laser system i've ever touched does that same thing except for this one so going further back we have our elevation adjustment and then our windage adjustment is on the left side uh from the shooter's perspective so the left side has the uh windage adjustment no big deal just kind of not used to it being over here we're used to being it over here but uh they opted for putting the battery compartment on the side no big deal just something to pay attention to um going further back we have our dial for our adjustments and our fire button now the fire button is kind of cool it's raised a little bit i don't know if you guys can kind of see that it's it's a little raised so it does protrude it's uh it's tactile it makes a sound it does all the things that you want it to do and it's and actually distinguishes itself really well because it's rubbery so you could feel it you could also feel it with gloves on which was good but uh it is on the far right side of the laser so for right-handed shooters if your thumb and your hand aren't big enough and your rail's too thick or something like that you may not be able to reach it um where uh personally for for a lefty shooter they're right on the money now if you guys saw the end goal a little overview you'll you'll note that the end goal has its laser button up here that fire button is really nice for righties lefties and for getting a full grip on the rifle this one forces my hand to be further back for actuation of the laser now like not a big deal but it is something to point out right the the differences in that if only they had swapped this and this that would have been super cool but i know that's like physically impossible to do um but they could have put the fire button a little further up and and helped us out with being closer to our adjustments things like that so something i wish the the they did was center the fire button and also move it up a little bit that way it was more accessible for both sides and for a better grip on the rifle but no big deal great first try hopefully they improve it in some form or fashion in the future now we have our adjustment dial it is actually almost super it's almost exactly like the uh adjustments that are on the end gall or a peck that you're used to um it also has a stopping screw right a set screw so that you don't go so far into the to the high settings which also stops you from going to the high illuminator settings so if it was there you could see that little little notch right there that would stop it from going further down and if i was going all the way around it would stop it with the lever so kind of cool a really good design just one screw the screw is stored back here which is kind of cool a little hidden spot there but we'll talk about that in a minute but the illuminator settings or or the sorry the settings in general are pretty simple back towards shooter or down is low laser right and then high laser and these are both the viz ones obviously you guys can see them then we have the um aiming laser so ir laser on low so it's kind of cool so aiming laser low then we have aiming i'm sorry illuminator in ir low from there we can go over to dual low now dual low is like one of my favorites you guys can see it here in the video that uh it gives you a really big flood of illumination inside of a room so it's huge degree of of view wider than our field of view at least under nods or about the same i think it's around 40. um which is really cool it illuminates a room it gives you that kind of maul cqb look which i really really like and the laser is adjustable so you can adjust it per needs then you have uh aiming laser high which is adjustable and is just a flaming ball of fire unless you adjust it or dim it down and then illuminator high and then you have dual high so real cool um i really like the high settings and the dual settings in general that i can adjust these lasers really makes it super fun to be able to like kind of adjust per my environment so if i'm in an urban environment i have too much light i may need a little bit more ir cool i adjust it up if i'm in a really dark environment and i can't see because i'm blooming out my targets or blooming out things with my laser i can go ahead and dim it down and get a better view so i really really like that feature it's probably one of my favorites now going to the rear of the the system is pretty simple um we have here is our adjustment for the illuminator pretty much the same spot as the end goal had it i think it's a little smoother than the end galls but it is an illuminator adjustment for the width underneath that is the plug for a normal laser plug it is uh i think it had a cover at some point and i probably lost it at some point but i don't use the laser plugs very often because i just use the buttons on them but uh but it is there so if you guys do use switches or dual switches they'll work with all the ones that are out right now then you have a cool feature that i think they they didn't know was going to be that cool but they they added it i don't know if it was by request but if you guys can see right there that is it an le lcd screen so an lcd screen giving me the settings as to what i'm on and when it's off and it gives me a battery setting so i'll try and get some close-ups on that with my camera and b-roll it in but it's kind of cool where i can check my battery at a glimpse and not have to worry about it now some of you are going to be like well isn't that bright under nods not really i haven't noticed it too much but if it does get that bright or for whatever reason you're sensitive to it um you can close the cover here and then not see it at all so kind of cool i thought that was an awesome little feature but it is something different about that the the radex that not any other laser that i've seen so far has too and then you have the battery compartment on the right side which is a cr123 battery just one uh which is really easy going and simple and then on the bottom you have two cross bars with uh what what are or what look like flathead or brass to tighten them down and nice and easy so this is the radex guys overall my thoughts on it is i really really like the raid x i feel like this and the mall kind of sit hand in hand and if you like box style lasers and not the mall form factor then the raid is pretty awesome and worth it for you if you're into the the mall and you're trying to stick to civilian style style lasers because they don't make the the civilian version of this at the filming of this video um then it's worth getting them all c1 plus but if you're you have access to both and you're trying to decide um it's up to you right form factor is going to be a thing uh features are gonna be a thing i really like the raid um i think it's a fantastic laser and it's been really good so far um it's just another box style laser so if you don't mind that rock on girl uh so that's the radex and uh and hope this helped hope this gave you guys some information on the little overview on the actual laser system and i'll be doing more of these as more lasers come into my hands and uh and can be kind of overviewed a little bit for you guys so take care gents

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