ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card Review

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

ReadyMan is a company founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. They’ve created several credit sized survival cards. The subject of this review is the Readyman Hostage Escape Card. I put the card through its paces with some of the breaching skills I acquired in the Ranger Regiment.

The tool cards are priced between $12.95 to about $15.95. They are about the size of a credit card and will easily fit in a standard sized wallet. It is lightweight and compact. Here’s a link to their webstore and you can find some great stuff there. The card seems to be made of a higher quality and thicker gauge stainless steel than other cards on the market.

The Readyman Hostage Escape card comes in a cardboard sleeve case. This helps protect the card before you are ready to pull it out of your wallet or shoe and use it. The card is 89x51 mm or a couple of hairs longer than a credit card. The US made stainless steel kit consist of a saw, handcuff shim, rake and tension wrench. The pieces snap out of the stamp with a little back and forth movement. You don't need a lot of strength or dexterity to get the pieces out.

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