Product Review: XS Sights, Is it For You?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

There are a lot of sights in the industry for many firearms, Glocks are probably one of the most modular and easy to “Do it yourself” firearms out there. The aftermarket products for Glocks are staggering. Most Glock owners first modification, and for some their only, is to change the sights. The Glock plastic sight are possibly the worst sights you could own. They are flimsy, plastic, and truthfully outdated. Glock probably doesn’t change them because the market has plenty of affordable choices that you can replace them with. One of those choices are from XS Sighting Systems. They started out as Ashley Research and Development in 1996 and then A&E Mfg., Ashley Outdoors, AO Sight, Express Sights and finally XS Sights. Some companies with rich histories says something about them, they are committed. On their website they state that their sights are “Ultimate defensive tritium night sights” and “Aids in placing shots on target in high-stress and/or with imperfect vision”. We shall see.

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