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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We all carry things in our pockets, bags, and/or vehicles on a regular basis. These tools depend on who and where you are:

  • Who you are: Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military, "Analyst", etc.

  • Where you are or go frequently: Work, travel, at home, etc.

I state the above because I want to emphasize that not one way works for every person. We all are different in many ways. We live life differently, wear different clothes, need different tools. The things that are carried everyday help you accomplish daily activities and keep you prepared for possible activities. Most of us try to cover some basic needs like communication (Phone), transportation (Vehicle), identification (driver’s license), protection (Offensive/Defensive tools), Medical (Meds, Tourniquets) and anything else you can imagine you need or may need throughout your day. The basic items you carry make up what I like to call your "on body" gear. Anything put in a bag or vehicle is what I consider "off body" and usually consists of extra, secondary, or larger items that don't usually fit into your "on body" needs.

You'll find that the majority of people carry minimal amount of gear due to their reasons. Some carry smaller things out of comfort, some carry less or nearly nothing because they don't want their "Look" to be hindered. These are usually the fools that ask to borrow my stuff. I for one can care less about how sexy I look in jeans. If I can't get all my gear in them, I'm happy. So do what works for you, just don't ask me for my stuff.

Men, have it much easier in this realm. Usually due to our body, clothing style, and strength. We can usually carry more on body than women, usually. This is the reason women tend to carry less, or just smaller gear. Off body for women fits into the their life a little easier but adds a problem when it comes to accessing it. I have seen women who can conceal a Glock 19 and I have seen some that just can't. You will need to figure that one out or come to a class or private lesson (shameless plug).

My everyday carry (EDC) is not minimalist in any way but is also not the most I have seen someone carry. Due to my lifestyle, clothes I wear and places I frequent this has shaped my EDC. Below is a good example of what I carry daily.

On body:

Additionally, I will carry:

Off body: Backpack:

I leave room in my pack for clothing in a travelbug clothing cube, night vision or other items depending on what I am doing.

The modified outside of my bag I use to hold jackets or my ballistic helmet. I can obviously use it for many other large items that need to be carried. The only limitation is imagination.

Overall, the needs of your EDC will be up to you and your needs as stated above. There really isn't a end all be all of carry gear but with a little common sense and experience you will find the things that work for you.

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