Rifle Zero

I have been asked recently by a few departments/agencies if they should change their zeros for patrol rifles. Most are wanting to go to a 15 or 10 yards zero and I usually ask why. The answers usually come in the form of "we work primarily indoors" or "it's easier for holdovers". In my opinion, that is a very narrow view. The fact that there is potential for indoor areas to be 50+ yards depending on the structure makes a 10 or 15 yard zero very difficult to use. Can you learn the holds for a 10 or 15 yd zero? Absolutely, but are most going to? Nope. Look at the numbers (see images attached). The complications of holds you are putting your officers into may have some seriously adverse effects. Even the 25yd zero is better but still doesn't fully satisfy the needs.

Some guys had referenced the need for a smaller holdover for HR shots and a zero will not eliminate that issue due to not having a crystal ball and knowing the approximate distance to that target. Plus, most of the zeros still having a hold over anyways. So, it conclusion it's a training issue not a zero issue.

The answer to this is to train more, force accuracy standards and teach people about ballistics. Do better.

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